An open space for solo-preneurs, investors, partners, and freelancers who are looking for not only a place to work but also a community to support one’s growth

 Creating An Amazing Network

 Enhancing Your Effectiveness

 Gaining Inspiration

 Improving Flexibility

A multipurpose coworking space with modern Oriental design having a capacity of 200 audiences who will be provided with catering service during and after business hours

 Networking Events

 Seminars and Conferences

 Company Parties

 Company Parties

A serene space for sharing heart-to-heart talk and discussing best ideas, a private room with diverse sizes to meet any requirements

  Team Meetings

  Temporary Projects


  High-Speed Business Internet

  Prestigious Location


  Modern Interior Designs

  White Board & Fresh Markers

  Greenest City View From Above

  Customizable Sizes (10-27 sqm)

  Complimentary Beverages (Coffee, Tea, Lemonade and Water)

Small Meeting Room

Big Meeting Room

The best solution for companies who do not want to spend a large capital investment on constructing a professional office.

 Prestigious Business Location

 Phone Number

 Meeting Room

No. Services L1 (Vietnamese Company) L2 (Foreign Company) VIP
750.000VND 1.500.000VND 2.500.000VND
1 Business Address x x x
2 Company Name x x x
3 Reception x x x
4 Receiving mail / parcels x x x
5 Phone x x x
6 High-Speed Business Internet x x
7 Common Area for Guest x x
8 Support to setup company x x x
9 Meeting Room 4 hours/month 8 hours/month
10 Open Seat 4 hours/month 8 hours/month
11 Photocopy/Print/Scan 500VND/paper 100 papers free/month 200 papers free/month


  1. Prices do not include 10% VAT
  2. Virtual office deposit 2 months, 6 months rent
  3. Rent 12 months or more will have 12% discount

For individuals or companies experiencing first steps building their business and finding a hard time in dealing with law and tax issues

  Time & Cost-saving
  Easier to Handle
  Professionalize Your Business

An area equipped with a fresh and delicious pantry where you can get coffee and tea to reboot energy for an effective working day

 Rebooting your energy